A Dance to Remember is in support of the No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation, whose
important mission is:

To honour the sacrifice and service of the men and women in Canada’s military and to
educate students and youth by placing poppies on their headstones every November.

This year we will pay special tribute to those Canadians who served during D-Day, a pivotal moment in WWII.  As we reflect on and honour their immense service and sacrifice, we look to the youngest generation to keep that remembrance alive

Participation in No Stone Left Alone remembrance ceremonies has grown, exponentially, over the
last seven years. School children from Victoria to Nunavut to Newfoundland & Labrador are involved in placing a poppy on soldier’s headstones. The expansion of this movement ensured that poppies were placed on over 49,000 headstones, in Fields of Honour, across Canada during the Week of Remembrance, in 2018.

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